Escape to Cuba Where Every Sunset Paints a Picture of Paradise

The beautiful wonders of nature, the adrenaline rush of excitement, the history, and adventure—all these and more are what you experience when you visit Cuba. Escape to Cuba where as the sun starts to set, Cuba transforms into a magical paradise of unmatched beauty.

Picture yourself walking along the soft sandy shores of Varadero Beach. You can hear the gentle waves and see the sky turning shades of orange, pink, and purple, creating a stunning view. Or imagine sitting on the historic Malecón in Havana, watching the sun dip below the horizon, casting a warm, dreamy light over the city.

But the beauty of Cuba’s sunsets isn’t just limited to the coast. Head inland to the lush valleys of Viñales, where you’ll see hills and tall rock formations outlined against the fiery sky, like a picture postcard. Or take a stroll through the charming streets of Trinidad, where the soft glow of streetlights illuminates the old buildings, creating a romantic atmosphere.

Photo on a street in Havana
WhizQueen pictured on a street in Havana

A Little Recap, Shall We?

My journey began with an enticing deal through Air Canada Vacations, offering an all-inclusive 7-day package to explore the wonders of Cayo Coco. Upon seeing this deal, I hopped on it like a child clinging on to its mother! It was my birthday week and I definitely needed a getaway after completing a 30 day no-spend November challenge.

Priced at just $959 CAD, this package included flights, airport transfers, and accommodation at the exquisite Gran Muthu Rainbow Resort in Cayo Coco. This is an all-inclusive resort which means everything food, drinks and some entertainment were included.

Budget-Friendly Travel Destination ✈️

Listen, if you’re craving an affordable escape to a destination that feels like a journey back in time, then look no further than Cuba. This captivating Caribbean gem promises a blend of rich culture, pristine beaches, and a unique historical backdrop.

There’s only a handful of countries where you can visit with a budget of less than $1,000, Cuba is one of them! So whether you like enjoying a refreshing mojito by the beach, dancing to lively salsa music, or simply taking a leisurely walk through Havana’s streets, you can find it right here in Cuba.

Cayo Coco

When I arrived at Cayo Coco’s sunny beaches, I fell in love with the beautiful scenery and clear waters. The Gran Muthu Rainbow Resort was like a dream come true, it looked exactly like the website pictures. This hands down is one of the most beautiful resorts in the city. They had Buffet meals, à la carte restaurants, a beautiful pool, and cool drinks at the bar, the best part is, it’s only about a 5-minute drive to Pilar Beach.


Even though Cayo Coco was really nice, I knew I had to visit Havana too. I spent two days there and it was amazing. The city was full of life and excitement. I loved seeing all the old classic cars, the colourful streets, and hearing the lively salsa music everywhere. Havana was an unforgettable experience.

Things to do in Cuba

Here are some fun-filled activities to add to your Cuban travel itinerary:

  • Classic Car Tour: Take a cool ride around Havana in an old-fashioned car. Sit in a fancy 1950s convertible and see all the famous places like the Malecón waterfront and Old Havana.
  • Salsa Dancing Lessons: Learn to dance salsa in Havana! Join a fun class with a local teacher and move to the lively music. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to dancing or already good at it, just enjoy yourself!
  • Tobacco Farm Tour: Explore a farm in Viñales where they grow tobacco. Watch how they make cigars and take a walk through the fields. You’ll see beautiful views of the valley too!
  • Beach Day at Varadero: Spend a relaxing day at Varadero Beach. Feel the soft sand between your toes, swim in the clear blue sea, and soak up the sun. You can also try fun water activities like snorkeling and riding jet skis.
  • Horseback Riding in Trinidad: Go horseback riding in Trinidad. Ride through the town’s streets and see the colorful houses. Then, venture into the countryside with your horse to find waterfalls and sugar plantations.
  • Island excursion in Cayo Coco: Take a speedboat or catamaran into the ocean in Cayo Coco, make a stop for snorkeling to see amazing sea creatures. Join a diving trip to explore colorful coral reefs and enjoy a tasty lobster meal afterward.

Cuba has lots of fun things to do for people of all ages and interests. Whether you want to dance all night or explore the underwater world, there’s something for everyone. So get ready for an adventure, discover new things, and make amazing memories in Cuba.

Cuba is not what you think it is – First Impressions

Travel Tip

Stay Connected Easily: Make sure you can stay connected during your trip to Cuba by getting an e-SIM from Airalo. It’s affordable and works all over the world, so you can keep in touch with your family and find your way around easily. Use my referral code BISOLA 1294 to get $3 off your first purchase!

Things to Know Before Traveling to Cuba

Before you escape to Cuba, here are a few insights to ensure a seamless travel experience:

  1. Limited Food Options: While Havana has better culinary offerings, be prepared for limited food options in other parts of Cuba. Consider researching food reviews beforehand or bring along your favorite condiments for added flavor.
  2. Unstable Internet: Utilize the opportunity to disconnect from the digital world, as internet access in Cuba is limited. Consider purchasing an e-SIM through Airalo for a reliable mobile internet connection during your stay.
  3. Economic Situation: Show your support for the local community by tipping generously and purchasing from local vendors. Your contributions can make a meaningful impact in Cuba’s challenging economic landscape.
  4. LGBTQ-Friendly Resorts and Hotels: Many resorts and accommodations across the island are inclusive and welcoming to LGBTQ guests, providing a safe and comfortable environment to enjoy their stay. However, it’s still advisable to be mindful of local customs and cultural sensitivities, particularly in more rural or conservative areas.
  5. Virtual Private Network (VPN): Some websites and social media like TikTok are restricted in Cuba and you may need a VPN to access them. Be sure to download Express VPN before your trip or any other VPN you prefer.

Although, I had only planned to stay in Cayo Coco and take a day trip to visit Havana. I quickly realized this was not possible as it’s about 800 km apart. My suggestion for your trip to Cuba is, if you plan on exploring Havana you might be better off staying at a resort in Varadero. You can take a day trip from Varadero to Havana without having to spend extra cost for a hotel in Havana.

Did you know these facts about Cuba?

  • Havana is home to some of the world’s oldest yet remarkably maintained classic cars, offering a glimpse into Cuba’s storied past.
  • Cuba boasts one of the highest doctor-to-patient ratios globally, reflecting its commitment to healthcare excellence.
  • The culture of Cuba is a captivating blend of African and Spanish influences, with traces of Yoruba religion originating from Nigeria.

Cost Breakdown: Making Every Penny Count

Curious about the cost of my Cuban adventure? Here’s a breakdown of my expenses:

  • Flight + Hotel Package: $959
  • Island Hopping Excursion: $40
  • City tour: $90
  • Souvenirs: $20
  • Transportation: $30
  • Round flight to Havana: $120
  • 2 Nights Airbnb in Havana: $67
  • Havana Photoshoot: $81
  • Havana tour: $40
  • Food: $30
  • Tips: $3

Total Cost for 7 Days in Cuba: $1,600 CAD


What makes Cuba’s sunsets truly special is the feeling of peace and tranquillity they bring. It’s a moment to pause, take a deep breath, and appreciate the beauty around you, no matter where you are or what language you speak.

To sum up, an escape to Cuba will absolutely be a memorable vacation. It is a great place for adventure, learning about different cultures, and having fun experiences—all without spending too much money. Whether you’re relaxing on the beaches of Varadero or enjoying the lively atmosphere of Havana’s streets, Cuba has something special to offer. So pack your bags, get ready to explore, and let Cuba’s charm capture your heart.

Viva Cuba! (Long live Cuba!)

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