How to Make Money While Travelling the World

As an entrepreneur and an avid traveler who has been to 15+ countries, I’m going to reveal the ultimate guide on how you can make money while travelling the world. Yes, you read that correctly—best of both worlds! Most people would love to travel the world, but unfortunately, don’t know that there are some strategies for cutting their expenses and almost travelling for free. Whether you’re a seasoned wanderer or someone who’s just catching the travel bug, get ready to discover the tips, tricks, and hacks that can turn your globe-trotting dreams into reality without breaking the bank.

How To Earn Money While Traveling The World

Here are some strategies you can consider that can help you have an extra source of income while traveling.

travel world for free

Volunteering and Work Exchange Programs


This platform matches tourists with friends who need food and lodging and provides four hours of daily work. Tasks can range from farming to teaching foreign languages.


(World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) is an organization that offers volunteers the chance to work side by side on an organic farm in exchange for meals and shelter.


Like Workaway, HelpX provides opportunities to work on farms, in hostels, or for families in exchange for food and shelter.

Teaching and Skill Sharing

Teach English Abroad:

There are various teaching programmes, such as TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), where people get paid to teach English in different countries, with free accommodation and a meal allowance.


This platform lets you live with hosts free of charge. Although it is mainly used to search for a place to stay, many hosts are willing to accompany guests on trips and experiences.

How to Travel the World Without Breaking the Bank

Travel Hacking 

Credit Card Rewards:

Use travel credit cards to earn points and miles that can always be redeemed for free flights and accommodation. Pay attention to how you treat your credit. Find the best Travel credit Card in Canada

Frequent Flyer Programs:

Sign up for airline frequent flyer programs and plan your travel on points, promotions, bonuses, extra miles, and incentives.

Work Remotely

Remote Jobs:

Find a fully remote work opportunity to choose any location to work. This can help you have an extra source of income while travelling.


The next best way is to offer your skills as a freelancer. Companies like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer allow you to work remotely anywhere you can access the Internet.

Nomad Business

Running an online business like Digital marketing, content creation, Dropshipping, E-commerce and a lot more allows you the flexibility to work from any location.

Travel Grants and Scholarships

Travel Grants:

Certain foundations provide travel grants for research, study, or artistic purposes. Search for grant opportunities that fall within your area of focus or expertise.

Scholarships and Fellowships:

Some universities and other institutions provide scholarships or fellowship grants to students intending to study overseas, which include transportation costs.

Creative Solutions

House Sitting:

Services such as TrustedHousesitters introduce you to pet owners who need your services to babysit their homes and maybe pets during their absence.

Travel Blogging/Vlogging:

If you are good at writing or recording videos, you can start a travel blog or a travel YouTube channel that, in the long run, acquires sponsorships and free travelling.

Budget Travel Tips

Travel Planner

Using a travel planner template can help you easily travel, allowing you to organize your packing list and checklist, outline your daily itinerary, and stay within your budget. Stay organized, assign tasks to group members, and identify individual packing lists, ensuring you’re ready for departure. Get my personal Travel planner spreadsheet

Hitchhiking and Carpooling:

In some countries, hitchhiking is safe and thus considered a way of travelling. Services like BlaBlaCar are based on car sharing.

Camping and Staying in Hostels:

Opt for budget accommodation options like camping or staying in hostels. Some hostels offer free stays in exchange for work. Hostelworld is the best platform to book affordable hostels around the world.


Of course, it is almost impossible to travel without any expenditure, but incorporating these techniques ensures that expenses and costs are minimized and free travel is made possible. However, making money while traveling is feasible if the traveller is flexible, resourceful, and ready to leave their comfort zone.

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