How to Solo Travel: Best Female Solo Travel Destinations

Are you too curious about how to solo travel? Travelling alone is one of the most exciting experiences a person can engage in, especially if they seek to control their travel pace. For women, travelling alone is very liberating, and it is the best way to grow, learn about different cultures, and have some breathtaking moments. To help you make the most of your solitary travels, here is a guide for the new and experienced female solo traveller to pick some of the best travel destinations.

How To Solo Travel? Making Preparations For Your Solo Trip

If you plan a long journey, preparation can make or mar your trip, regardless of its form. Begin by researching extensively about the country of your choice to understand the customs, linguistic, and cultural differences. Get a travel planner, I recommend this template as includes all you need for a seamless travel experience. It is important to pack lightly and bring items that are not too bulky, as well as clothing and accessories that are comfortable and suitable for travel.

It’s essential for a woman always to prioritize her safety, especially when she is travelling alone. See my Amazon travel essentials. Let your close friends or relatives know about your travel plan and keep them informed in the process. Find a good travel insurance policy, and ensure you have emergency contacts. Further, you should always listen to your gut feeling and be conscious and aware of your environment, particularly any new and unfamiliar locations.

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Choosing Female-Friendly Destinations

As the world offers many amazing travel opportunities, some locations are especially safe for women to travel alone. Specifically, look at destinations that are safe, easily accessible, and have friendly conditions for women travellers. You can also join Facebook groups like Girls Love Travel or Find a Travel Buddy to help you learn more about your travel destination

Caribbean Countries

My first solo trip was to Jamaica. I chose this destination for many reasons, such as weather, food versatility, and being black-friendly and budget-friendly. I used my travel planner template to organize my itinerary and packing list. The Caribbean is known for its safety, especially for black female travellers. Countries like Jamaica, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic offer vibrant cultures, stunning beaches, and welcoming locals. These destinations are ideal for solo female travellers seeking both relaxation and adventure.


Regarding safety and gender equity, some preferred countries include Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. They have well-developed infrastructure, better transportation facilities, and a friendly environment for single women travellers.


Places like Kyoto are popular for their historical and cultural importance and security. Japan is one of the safest countries, and its people are courteous. This city offers low crime rates, and efficient means of transportation for independent travellers, especially for single women who wish to explore the past and present of Japan.

Czech Republic

Prague is preferred for first-time solo female travellers because it has stunning architecture, a vibrant culture, and welcoming residents. Split’s compact size, pedestrian-friendly streets, and vibrant atmosphere do not require a professional tour guide to showcase the city.

New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the best places for all nature enthusiasts and those who like having a lot of fun. There are pristine national parks for trekking or extreme sports such as bungee jumping off high bridges. Tourism: It is also safe for solo female travellers to explore nature and participate in thrilling activities in a safe environment.


Canada is a great destination for solo female travellers due to its large areas of wild lands, friendly population, and tolerance for new ideas. Vancouver and Toronto have something to do for the urban adventurous souls. The natural beauty of the Canadian Rockies is not far from reaching for outdoor enthusiasts.


The following is an array of activities and places that every woman travelling alone must visit when in Australia, ranging from the energetic city of Sydney to the serene beaches of the Gold Coast. Australia’s laid-back temperament, abounding cities, and thirst for challenge make it ideal for exploring independently.


Being famous for its extraordinary geographical features, Iceland is a perfect destination for women tourists who dare and like to be alone. See glaciers and geothermal hot spots, and search for the Northern Lights in surroundings that you won’t forget.


Portugal might be a destination of interest for a single woman to travel to. It has beautiful cities, coastlines, and history. Lisbon and Porto are painted in warm colours, and the tasty cuisine and friendly locals make it easy to explore alone.

Costa Rica:

For environmentally sensitive tourists who will not shy away from a little exploring, adventure awaits in Costa Rica, where there are many different plants and animals. Visit tropical forests, sandy beaches, and rich fauna in the territory, which is famous for its safety and welcoming people.

South Korea:

Even though it is a densely populated city, Seoul’s great combination of the old and the new makes the country an exciting cultural destination for solo female travellers. Visit opa markets, religious temples, and mouth-watering food stalls, and learn about South Korea and its tradition and modern, energetic, super-popular culture.

Embracing Solo Adventures

Travelling alone is more than simply going to unknown destinations; it’s about freedom, discovery, and transformation. It’s about planning your own schedule, doing what you want when you want, and meeting new people.

Joining Group Tours

Attending organized group tours or selecting shared lodgings may be worthwhile for mingling with fellow travellers and forming long-lasting bonds. Such measures and guided tours also allow people to socialize and interact with locals or tourists.

Immersing in Local Culture

Spend some time experiencing the culture by trying the local foods, and learning a few words of the local language. You can also engage in cultural activities. Interaction with people of that country and other tourists will make your travel even more interesting and give you a different point of view on life.


So, I hope you have got the answer to your query, ‘how to solo travel.’ Solo travel allows women to leave their comfort zone, overcome themselves, and travel without limitations. This means that solo female travelers should select female-friendly locations, prepare well, and ensure their safety for exciting and fulfilling adventures.

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