I provide a variety of services to support brands, empower businesses and support people to attain their long-term goals

Brand Collaboration

Want to reach a wider audience? Look no further! My brand collaboration service is here to help. With my expertise in creating captivating content, I’ll skillfully showcase your brand using eye-catching pictures, videos, or articles across my social platforms. I have a proven track record of delivering engaging and authentic content, ensuring measurable results for the brands I collaborate with.

Let me help you reach target audience and achieve your marketing goals.

UGC (User-Generated Content)

If you’re in search of authentic and diverse content to elevate your brand’s marketing efforts, my UGC service is your go-to solution. Embrace the unique perspective of a young, black millennial woman that you can’t afford to miss! I specialize in generating engaging pictures and videos based on your brand’s needs, providing you with an exclusive edge.

Let’s get started and make an impact together!

I’ve worked with

Speaking Engagements

I bring a lot of expertise to the table with a wealth of knowledge I could share at with your audience. I take pride in having vast knowledge and can cover most topics but these are some of the popular ones I’ve done: Financial literacy, Career Development, Social Media Growth & Monetization, Women Empowerment, and entrepreneurship.

One-on-One Consultation

I provide personalized guidance for your specific questions or needs. During this session, you can ask me anything on any topic you’d like. Most sessions I’ve had were centred around finance, business, career development, and newcomer settlement. Whether you want advice on revamping your LinkedIn, switching career path or starting a new business, I’ve got you!

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Shop My Templates

I’ve designed some templates to make your life easier. These templates are some simple ways I use in maximizing my productivity and improve my lifestyle. Some of these templates include Notion Ultimate Life Planner, Notion Business Hub, Social Media Planner, Savings Tracker, etc.