How it All Began

I’m Bisola Tijani, the savvy “cents” behind WhizQueen. I’m passionate about financial literacy, business, and Travel.

My journey began with a burning desire to share my knowledge and insights with others, and that’s when my YouTube channel WhizQueen was born. I’ve since then utilized my platform to inspire and educate others on their path to personal success.

With a BSc. in Finance and a keen eye for entrepreneurship, I bring a wealth of expertise. I aim to inspire my audience to achieve financial independence so they can spend money on what they love like travel. Traveling is one of those hobbies I stumbled upon. I never imagined I could travel the world as a kid.

On This Blog

Through my content, I aim to inspire you to achieve financial independence and spend on things that matter most to you like travel. I’m all about living your best life but not at the expense of your financial security. I teach ways to make, save, and grow money. I believe in sharing valuable resources, living adventurous experiences, and empowering my community. 

As a licensed finance educator with a degree in Finance and a passion for Travel. I’ve gained insights that I hope to share with you and empower you to maintain financial security while living the life of your dreams. Join me on my wealth-building adventure and let’s attain financial freedom together!

Bisola WhizQueen

My Travel Story

It all started in 2019 on a trip to Dubai. Growing up my parents could never afford a family vacation and all I was taught as a kid was to save money, study hard, and get a good job.

Until my adult years, I could never confidently spend my savings because my parents would consider it a waste even though it was money I earned. I felt guilty and had to do it secretly every time I spent. 

In 2019, I was able to give myself my first travel experience. I could confidently tell my parents I was going on a vacation. On that trip, I learned what it meant to be FREE! Most importantly, I learned that Financial Independence is key to living the life of your dreams.

Two years later, I took my parents and siblings on our first family vacation to Dubai. We had unforgettable memories and that’s why Dubai remains my favourite travel destination.

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